7th Annual Travel Insurance Forum

7th Annual Travel Insurance Forum

4-5 April 2019

Berlin, Germany


A transition from traditional to contemporary: the future of the travel insurance industry

The world is changing. Means of travel are changing. Customer expectations are changing. The rapid development of technologies allows travel insurers to mitigate greater risks and fundamentally improve services. Properly applied innovations can deliver a more integrated experience for customers, i.e. lower claims processing time or improved cost containment. However, there are specific risks associated with the digital transformation. The majority of companies fail at it. Not only some innovations are not needed implementing into businesses but can be extremely costly and unnecessary. What innovations are required for a travel insurance company to succeed in the modern market? How to keep up with customers’ changing habits and expectations without hurting your operational processes? Which technologies are already transforming the travel industry?

Through extensive research of the market, we managed to create a comprehensive agenda with a wide range of topics. Our 7th annual event focuses not only on technologies and innovations in the travel insurance industry, but also in the repatriation and funeral. With the implementation of the parallel stream of sessions, we are able to simultaneously address both industries at the same time. A comprehensive agenda and the format of our event allows participants to gain knowledge on each step of the business cycle associated with travel. Our world-renowned speakers will share knowledge on different hot topics, such as distribution, regulations, technological disruption, claims, frauds and many more.

Day 1

  • Blockchain’s impact on existing travel business models and practices;
  • Global risks to the travel insurance industry;
  • M&A: should we expect a large-scale consolidation of the industry?
  • What makes a trustworthy air ambulance partner?
  • Panel Presentation: The future of the travel insurance industry;

  • Shifting from an industry to an ecosystem: the advantages of going digital;
  • Changing patterns of travel insurance distribution;
  • AI – from buzzword to real competitive value;
  • How to transform travel insurance through IoT?
  • Panel Discussion: Customer retention;

Day 2


  • Travel insurance underwriting and loss prediction;
  • The role of AI in claims management;
  • Implementation of technologies for better fraud detection;


  • Global risks to the repatriation industry;
  • How to overcome logistical challenges in repatriation from unusual destinations;
  • Collaboration with insurance companies;

  • Overcoming challenges and embracing challenges in travel insurance;
  • Customer decision making: improving transparency of your business and education of customers;

  • Travel insurance for pre-existing conditions;
  • Assessing medical providers and cross-border partners;



Partners & Sponsors


‘Fantastic conference, enjoyed all the networking opportunities…’
Head of Sales & Marketing, Nordic Insurance Software, Canada

‘It is always a refreshing experience to have a view of the market and technological changes in other countries… It helps to find solutions to our own challenges’
Head of Services, European Travel Insurance Company, Hungary

‘Intimate, content focused, efficient’
CEO, Aero-Plan, Israel

‘Good opportunity to get an overview about relevant trends in the travel industry in international basis. Good platform to mix assistance and insurance representatives’
— Head of Product Management Travel, ERV AG, Germany

Excellent and very informative’
— General Manager, Afro Asian Assistance, Bahrain

Who Should Attend?

  • Travel Insurance Companies
  • Travel Assistance and Medical Assistance
  • Brokers, intermediaries and healthcare experts
  • International Health Associations and Organizations
  • Underwriting, claims and fraud risk management specialists
  • Medical Directors
  • Funeral and Repatriation companies
  • IT solution providers

Why Should Experts Attend Our Event?

  • Meet the world leading Travel Insurance companies
  • Develop business opportunities to expand health insurance cover across Africa & the Middle East
  • Learn which technologies are worth implementing
  • Get B2B support on how to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of your products
  • Keep up with the growing competition in the market
  • Learn how to better focus on customers

Where and When?

TITANIC Gendarmenmarkt Berlin
Französche Straße 30, 10117 Berlin
Reservations: +49 (0) 30 2014 370 800
Reception: +49 30 2014 370-0
Email: reservations.tgb@titanic-hotels.de

4-5 April 2019

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7th Annual Travel Insurance Forum

4-5 April 2019
Berlin, Germany

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