11th Global Health Insurance Conference

11th Global Health Insurance Conference

26-27 September 2019

Lisbon, Portugal


Health insurance industry market dynamics are changing on a number of fronts, such as increasing competition, entry of new players, and instances of consolidations and collaborations. Looking at the top-line trend, there is a consistent growth in health insurance premiums driven by factors such as increased life expectancy, medical inflation, and increased employment leading to more people seeking coverage, increased aging population, the surge in rural penetration, and an administrative push for compulsory coverage.

During our two day event 11th Global Health Insurance Conference, will gather together, VP’s, CEO’s, Managing Directors, Heads of Operations, Claims Management and Insurance Fraud, as well as solution providers, to share the cutting edge practice strategies on pricing and cost containment, cover innovative trends in connected health, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber security, Robotics and speak on how to prepare for technology and disruption wave hitting the health insurance industry today.

Day 1

  • Changing Market Dynamics in Health Insurance Industry
  • Increasing competition and focus on customer convenience as value-added insurance services becoming more demanded
  • Emerging start-ups and latest trends of health insurance industry
  • Introducing new technology-based disruptive models that can shrink costs and increase productivity
  • Best-practice in managing and mitigating fraud in health insurance
  • Lowering premiums by encouraging healthy lifestyle behavior
  • Wearable technologies – are we doing everything for maximum implementation?
  • How AI is Impacting Health Insurance Operation: 3 Core Challenges
  • Innovative health insurance products and solutions for chronic diseases
  • Predictive and behavioral analytics for risk mitigation

Day 2

  • Health insurance program for corporate clients
  • Guided-user experience – simplifying the healthcare experience and improving treatment adherence
  • Deeper integration of chatbots and voice assistants by insurers to improve customer engagement
  • Short-cut into digitalization: InsurTech collaborations that push digitalization of insurance companies forward
  • Increasing demand for cyber security in health insurance industry
  • Cutting-edge underwriting strategies in the context of globalization and digitization
  • Enrollment, premium collection, and claims processing, through easy to use apps – innovating core insurance services
  • New role of social media as customer engagement channel
  • Innovative sales and distribution strategies for health insurance



10th Global Health Insurance Conference



Sirma Boshnakova

Allianz Partners


Somesh Chandra

Chief Health Officer, European Markets, AXA Group & Board Member, MAXIS
AXA Group


Dr. Peter Mills

European Medical Director
Cigna Europe


Andrea Silvello

Founder of InsuTechNews
InsurTechNews.com, Italy


Joanne Buckle

Principal and Consulting Actuary
Milliman LLP, UK


Dr. Dennis Jose Sebastian

Regional Director of Health
Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) – Middle East, UAE


Ilya Rapoport

Medical Director
AP Companies, Spain


Andrew Smith

Independent Expert
Insurance Monitor, UAE


Ida Luka-Lognone

CEO International Health
Allianz Partners


Lara Varjabedian

VP Business Development
Prenetics International


Laurent Pochat-Cottilloux

Global Head, Health Reinsurance Partnerships
AXA Group


Mia Baker

B2B Product Lead
Prenetics International


José Pedro Inácio

AdvanceCare, Portugal


Peter Ohnemus

Founder, President & CEO
dacadooag, Switzerland


Benedikt Kurz

Business Development Manager
Garmin Health


Patricia Hyland

Group Sales Director
Spectrum Life



“Very interesting event. Since I represent the insurance company providing products for local market, the conference gave me the wider look on global problems.”
Marita Huhka – Chief Underwriter, ERGO Life Insurance, Latvia

“A fantastic program. It will improve healthcare delivery in my organization and create better relationship between customers and HMO”
― Manager Finance and Accounts, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Nigeria

“The venue and speakers were great! Very interesting conference, it will be my pleasure to participate at the next conference!”
― Manager, IASO General, Greece

“Exceeded my expectations on speaker content and networking ability”
― Vice President of Global Initiatives, Olympus Managed Health Care, Inc., USA-Canada

“Theme, speakers and direction selected pretty well and well chaired. We were able to get a compact and through overview of the evolution in technology that could impact healthcare insurance”
― Chief Health Officer, Allianz, Turkey

“Well organized, very good speakers. Interesting and useful information in presentations”
― Head of supplementary health insurance department, Union, poistovna a.s., Slovakia

“Very good conference in terms of content of the presentations, as well as balance of time between sessions and opportunity to do networking. Leaving with a lot of ideas to fulfill in our business.”
― Business Development Manager, AP Companies, Russia-Spain

Who Should Attend?

  • CEO’s
  • Heads of Operations
  • Heads of Insurance Fraud
  • Solution providers

Why Should Experts Attend Our Event?

  • Meet the world’s market-leading insurance companies
  • Find practical solutions for challenges your organization is facing
  • A unique platform to share know-how among insurance experts
  • Listen to the best-practice examples and the lessons learned from the case studies
  • Grow your professional network, and discuss potential collaborations with the industry peers
  • Gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing business environment
  • Influence and help shape future trends in the sector

Where and When?

Tivoli Oriente Lisboa Hotel
Av. Dom João II 27, 1990-083 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel.: + 351 218 915 330
Hotel website

26-27 September 2019

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11th Global Health Insurance Conference

26-27 September 2019
Lisbon, Portugal

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