17-18 JUNE 2021

Virtual Event


The finance and insurance sectors by nature have been intensively data-driven industries, managing large quantities of customer data and with areas such as capital market trading having used data analytics for some time. After analysing the requirements and the technologies currently available it is clear that there are still research challenges to develop the technologies to their full potential in order to provide competitive and effective solutions. These challenges appear at all levels of data chain and involve a wide set of different technologies, which would make necessary a prioritization of the investments in R&D, such as real-time aspects, better data quality techniques, scalability of data management and processing, and better sentiment classification methods.

The Data Analytics in Retail Banking and Insurance Summit by Uniglobal will cover a range of topics that make this summit appealing to Retail Banking and Insurance companies, as well as other industry players from all over the world. It will bring on board a solid network of professionals and senior level experts who will share their experiences and views on the current sector challenges and opportunities, as well as expectations and predictions about future trends in Data Analytics. During multiple sessions the participants will discuss developments of Data Analytics, current challenges in the industry, rising importance of digital transformation and many other important topics.

DAY 1 – 17 JUNE 2021

Module 1
  • OPENING PANEL DISCUSSION: The Role of Data Analytics in Retail Banking and Insurance
  • Data Science and ML needs more than a Workbench
  • Developing Business Relationships in the Digital Age
  • Prioritizing customer experience: How to take a data-driven approach to Customer Excellence
  • Data Strategy and use-case in Banking
  • Applying Advanced Analytics to CDD/KYC within a Financial Crime context
  • Why Invest in Embedded Analytics
  • CRM Dashboards – Retail Banking Management Reporting
  • The Genesis Of Data Beings and Their Protection In The Digital Age
  • The Importance of Data Lineage for your Data Quality Processes
  • Getting data to Key Decision Makers despite data integration challenges
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Using Data Analytics for achieving operational excellence
Module 1
Module 2
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Future of Data Analytics: predicting the trends
  • Everything Starts with Reliable Data
  • Sales Acceleration with HyperIntelligence
  • Ethics and AI: an opportunity for Banks
  • Building sustainable machine learning platforms in the financial sector: 3 hard-earned lessons
  • Generali Digital Transformation: the Analytics & AI Acceleration Program
  • AI impact on the Insurance Value Chain
  • Customer Journeys using Data Analytics – a unique advantage
  • Creating effective Claims Management Strategy
  • Insurance pricing: where prediction meets the business
Module 2


Dante Tellez

Former Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Chubb, Mexico

Alessandra Chiuderi

Head of Group Analytics Solutions Centre

Assicurazioni Generali, Italy

Dr. Shivaji Dasgupta

Global Head of Data Products and Artificial Intelligence

Deutsche Bank AG, Germany

Yannick Even

Global Analytics Business Partner

Swiss Re, Hong Kong

Dan Fiehn

Group Chief Operating Officer

Markerstudy Group, UK

Francisco Mainez

Head of Data & Analytics, Wealth and Personal Banking

Business Financial Crime Risk


Norman Stürtz

Managing Director, Divisional Chief Data Officer

Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG, Switzerland

Kayzad Hiramanek

Chief-Operations and Customer Experience

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, India

Dr. Massimo Cavadini

Head of Actuarial Consulting & Data Analytics

Munich RE, Germany

Marco Varchetta

Head of Group Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

UniCredit, Italy

Bastian Lewe

Senior Account Executive SMB

Signavio GmbH, Germany

Ernie Ostic

SVP of Products


Tomas Wolf

Engagement Manager & Competence Leader

Adastra Business Consulting (ABC), Czech Republic

Marcel Däppen

Sr. Solutions Engineer CEMEA

Cloudera, Switzerland

Artem Belyasov

Regional Director EMEA

T1A, Germany

Dr. Christopher Royles

Field Chief Technical Officer EMEA

Cloudera, UK

Ekaterina Blagireva

Lead Data Visualization Expert

T1A, Germany

Radovan Parrák

Head Data Science & Analytics

Credo Software, Belgium/Czech Republic

Nikita Pronichkin

Regional Director EMEA

T1A, Germany

Robert Srotyr

Chief Product Officer

EMARK Analytics, Slovakia

Angeline Corvaglia

Chief Operations Officer & Digital Transformation Lead

EMARK Analytics, Czech Republic

Berkan Denkci

Regional Director EMEA

T1A, Germany

David Vanden Abeele

Chief Product Officer

EMARK Analytics, Slovakia

Marian Plum

Manager, Sales Engineering

MicroStrategy, France

Lukas Neduchal

Chief Advisory Officer

EMARK Analytics, Slovakia

Johannes Silhan

Senior Sales Engineer

EMARK Analytics, Slovakia

Dominique Paschoud

Senior Account Executive

MicroStrategy, Switzerland

Gurkan Urgen

Head of Sales East Europe

MicroStrategy, Turkey


  • Insurance Companies
  • Retail Banking
  • Digital Banking
  • Digital Transformation
  • Consumer Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Private Banking
  • Wealth Management

Chief Officers, Managing Directors & Heads of:

  • Data Management / Data Analytics
  • Data Protection & Data Privacy
  • Data Integration
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Quality
  • Data Science
  • Data Infrastructure
  • AI & ML
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • IT / Technology
  • Innovation
  • Digital Transformation / Digital
  • Research & Development
  • Customer Experience / Customer Data

Where and When?

17-18 JUNE 2021

Virtual Event

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