12-13 September 2019



The subprime lending has been a popular borrowing solution for a while now, and in 2019 plenty of people are applying for this type of credit. However, the issue of not having a lot of trustworthy and affordable credit options for lower income groups or people in need of urgent cash show similarities across the world. Furthermore, the shrinkage of loan markets, especially for high-risk borrowers in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis created new business opportunities for alternative/non-traditional lenders. Millions of people are still applying for these type of loans today, and the subprime industry once more is finding plentiful demand, as mainstream banks have tightened their loan criteria.

At the 3rd Annual Subprime Credit Forum, we will examine how these alternative platforms will influence the market as well as the traditional lending business models. The forum will focus on the operational and financial challenges of alternative lenders, and help them find practical solutions to the challenges that their companies are facing.

  • Financial, Regulatory & Operational Challenges of Market Entries
  • Business Model Variations Required to Be Profitable in New Markets
  • Next Generation Consumer Finance for the CEE Region
  • Country-Specific Cases
  • Insights into the Small Business Lending Across the US & EU
  • Lenders & Borrowers in the Emerging Markets of Asia Pacific Region & Latin America
  • Operational Excellence in Short-Term & Online Lending
  • Cooperation Among Lenders, Banks & Fintech Companies
  • Funding Sources for Alternative Lenders
  • Banking API vs. Account Information Services under PSD2
  • Insights from the National Banks and Institutional Investors
  • Best Practice Examples: Fraud Risk Management, UX Advantage
  • Credit Scoring
  • Are Fintech Lenders Better at Underwriting?
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Debt Collection & Portfolio Management


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from previous event

Asia Pacific Microfinance Forum


Mark Ruddock


BFS Capital, US

Armands Liseks

VP, Business Development

Kontomatik, Poland

Andre Achtstaetter


VexCash, Germany

Pavel Novak


Zonky, Czech Republic

Matiss Ansviesulis

Co-founder & CEO

Creamfinance, Latvia

Modestas Sudnius

Group CEO

mogo Finance, Latvia

Kristjan Novitski


Cash On Go, UK

Vladislav Siganevic

Managing Director

Creamfinance, Czech Republic

George Roukov

Director International Expansion

Credissimo, Bulgaria

Janis Pranevics

Head of Loan Originator Partnerships

Mintos, Latvia

Dmitry Tsymber


Dyninno Fintech, Latvia

Maxim Chernuschenko

Founder & CEO

Cashwagon, Singapore

Carlos Martín

Head of Marketing

ID Finance, Spain

David Bouda

Chairman of the Board

APNÚ (The Association of Non-Banking Lenders), Czech Republic

Adam Soukal

CEO & Co-founder

Roger, Czech Republic

Jana Mücková


BONDSTER Marketplace, Czech Republic

Maciej Jamiołkowski

Business Development Executive

Nethone, Poland

Atsushi Miyagishima


Crowdcredit, Japan

Jarosław Furmaniak

Operations and Product Development Manager

ERIF BIG S.A., Poland

Michal Novak

Group Cards Portfolio Manager

Home Credit International, Czech Republic

Makoto Ujike

Manager – Investment Department

Crowdcredit, Japan

Radek Balon

Managing Director

De vries Justitia, Czech Republic



“Very well organized. Great energy in the audience.”
— Vexcash, CEO, Germany

“Great people, outstanding business potential, relevant presentation themes.”
— Bondster Marketplace s.r.o, Relationship Manager, Czech Republic

“Interesting forum, very good organization.”
— Twino, Head of Group Credit Risk Management, Latvia

“I like that the attendees were mostly decision-maker level at their firms.”

“Thank you for inviting me. It was a great experience and amazing opportunity to practice.”
— Group Head of Collection, Mash Group, Luxembourg

“Thanks for organizing a wonderful event and it is blessing and encouraging to know that there are people like your team on the other side of the earth constantly working with diligence and excellence for financial industry”.
— Manager, Investment Dept, CROWD CREDIT, Inc., Japan

Who Should Attend?

  • Subprime lenders
  • Consumer lending companies
  • Short-term credit companies
  • Fast credit companies
  • Аlternative lending companies
  • Payday loans originators
  • Law firms / Consultants
  • Credit Bureaus / Credit Scoring / Credit Data firms
  • Software providers
  • Fintech companies
  • Collectors / Factoring companies

Why Should Experts Attend Our Event?

  • Meet the world’s market-leading consumer & online lending companies
  • Find practical solutions for challenges your organization is facing
  • A unique platform to share know-how among consumer & short-term loan experts
  • Listen to the best-practice examples and the lessons learned from the case studies
  • Grow your professional network, and discuss potential collaborations with the industry peers
  • Gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing business environment
  • Influence and help shape future trends in the sector

Where and When?

3-4 October 2019

U Obecního domu 3,
110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
12-13 September 2019

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