2nd Annual Subprime Credit Forum

13-14 September 2018

Prague, Czech Republic


The popularity of this type of credit has mushroomed in the last decade, boosted unsurprisingly by the financial crisis. This type of lending is also aided by the ‘now’ culture of society ie People aren’t content to patiently save for something but want everything immediately.

However, for many observers, short-term lending has a negative reputation due to the extremely high interest rates charged and in recent years regulators have really concentrated efforts to provide regulation and consumer protection against what were regarded as exploitational policies and tactics used by the industry to make money. And there is a lot of money to be made as despite the often very high payback rates, this type of lending is still very popular due to the speed and ease of getting these loans.

This event will bring together short-term credit firms, regulators, financiers and solution providers to discuss best-practice for all aspects of this lucrative area of consumer finance.



  • Market outlook and subprime credit challenges
  • Age of empowered consumer: post GDPR came into force 1st quarter
  • Regulation and Fintech
  • Why doing business in Brazil?
  • Design and implementation of a successful business model in subprime credit market
  • Focus on financial customer acquisition
  • Gaining profit & growing company while satisfying customer needs
  • Building efficient product portfolio
  • Maximising effectiveness in debt collection practices
  • Panel discussion: product mixtures or focus on one product & focus on country specific challenges & opportunities


  • Opening interactive discussion: what now for subprime lenders in 2018: post psd2 (9 months later)
  • Big data and advancements in machine learning
  • Refining credit underwriting process
  • Fraud detection practices
  • What information do credit bureaus see about consumers/consumer lending process
  • Blockchain and its potential impact on subprime credit industry
  • Optimising consumer credit lending process
  • Moving towards sophisticated digital marketing: achieving driving growth and ROI utilising multi-channel attribution
  • Interactive discussions:
  • Finding solutions to the 3 main challenges facing consumer lenders
  • What are key trends in innovations that impact subprime credit industry


Ekaterina Kazak

Global Chief Risk Officer

ID Finance, Spain

Paulo David


Central Station and Biva, Brazil

Tom Newbould

Chief Marketing Officer

MyJar, UK

Vladislav Siganevic

Managing Director

Creamfinance, Czech Republic

Andre Achtstaetter


Vexcash, Germany

Vit Ruzicka


Zaplo Finance, Czech Republic

David Bouda


Asociace Poskytovatelů Nebankovních Uvěrů Association of Non-Banking Lenders, Czech Republic

Adam Dardas

Group Head of Collection

Mash Group, Luxembourg

Vit Ruzicka


Big Data Scoring, Estonia

Janis Pranevics

Head of Loan Originator Partnerships

Mintos, Latvia

Jan Machaň

Chief On-line Officer, Head of Kamali

HomeCredit Czech and Slovak Republic

Ovais Siddiqui


Aasa Polska, Poland

Kentaro Takasu


Crowdcredit, Inc., Japan

Armands Liseks

VP, Business Development

Kontomatik, Latvia

Łukasz Piechowiak

Director of the analysis department

Polish Association of Loan Institutions

Maciej Suwik

CTO & Co-founder

LOANDO Group, Poland

Michal Smida

VP, Business Development

Twisto, Czech Republic

Tymon Zastrzeżyński

CEO & Co-founder

LOANDO Group, Poland

Renata Kozak

Enterprise Account Manager

ThreatMetrix Inc., UK


“The event was very well organised. The quality of delegates was very high & extremely relevant, lots of lenders in the room & lots of interaction, lots of good questions. Overall very good.”
— Chief Commercial Officer, collectAI, Germany

“It is a great event, it was very good number of people, and everybody who is anybody was here. I do consider event a great success & given it was first time event for subprime companies I am very much looking forward to the next event and hopefully it is going to be greater than this one, which is already great.”
— Head of Loan Originator Partnerships, Mintos Marketplace, Latvia

“In general perfectly prepared event with many interesting people from our industry. It was pleasure to participate. Overall I have just positive memories on this great conference.”
— CEO, Volsor, Czech Republic

“Very useful. Would like to see it kept specialised to the sector without being overtaken by banking / mainstream credit agenda. I like that the attendees were mostly decision maker level at their firms.”
— Co-Founder & CEO, APFin, UK

“The event was really well organized, interesting presentations, speakers, topics and good proportion of industries. We will certainly attend the next one.”
— Managing Director, Creditinfo Registr & Creditinfo Solutions, Czech Republic

Who Should Attend?

  • Subprime lenders
  • Consumer lending companies
  • Short-term credit companies
  • Fast credit companies
  • Аlternative lending companies
  • Payday loans originators
  • Law firms / Consultants
  • Credit Bureaus / Credit Scoring / Credit Data firms
  • Software providers
  • Fintech companies
  • Debt recovery solutions
  • Collectors / Factoring companies 


Where and When?

2nd Annual Subprime Credit Forum

13-14 September 2018 Prague, Czech Republic

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