16 Mar

On 15th and 16th of March 2018 Uniglobal held the 14th Annual Global Microfinance Forum in Munich, Germany. This was the 14th annual conference organized by Uniglobal with a specific focus on this market and it was a very successful event. It brought together the leading experts and stakeholders in the microfinance field who had an opportunity to network and share experiences and ideas on the development of microfinance.

The 2-day forum covered the major trends and challenges, such as technology-driven financial inclusion and obstacles to it, financing MSMEs, managing local currency risks, investing into women in business, microleasing, micropensions and other topics.

During both days of the event the chairwoman invited the audience to take active participation and created an excellent atmosphere during interactive sessions where everybody had a chance to ask questions and/or give their perspectives on the topics raised.

The event received very positive feedback and was regarded as highly informative, interactive and professionally organized.

Uniglobal team would like to thank all the participants for their involvement in this forum. We address our special thanks to the speakers, panelists and chairwoman for their great support and commitment. Hope to see you all at one of our future events!

Please follow the link to see photo report from this event: