The 7th Annual Excellence in Hospital Management Conference

13 Sep


The 7th Annual Excellence in Hospital Management Conference had place in Prague during 8th and 9th of September 2016. Uniglobal had a chance to create a multicultural interchange for hospital management professionals.
We managed to create an event with the most important people at the hospital industries and they were able to share new tendencies in their countries and evolutions and perspectives of each one.
The first day of the conference was started with energetic presentations on operational excellence in hospital management, and continued it discussing development of technologies in hospital management. The participants enjoyed the presentations of the speakers representing UK, US, Norway, Lebanon, Switzerland and Bulgaria. We closed the day with a panel discussion about facilitating innovation through effective leadership in hospitals.
The second day we started with four speakers representing Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong and Denmark talking about innovation in patient engagement and experience management. After that we enjoyed the interactive lunch and inspirational discussion of optimization of hospital processes for maximum effectiveness by the speaker from Bahrain. Finally we closed the session and the conference with a panel discussion devoted to the most salient topics of the two days.
Uniglobal team would like to thank all the participants and speakers for strong participation, interest and a very nice feedback, and to the chairman for successfully leading both days of the conference and her good support.

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Director, Medicover Hospitals SRL, Romania
“Excellent experience! Useful information, very well organised this conference. Congratulations!”

Operations Manager, Karin Grech Rehabilitation Hospital, Malta
“Interesting – gave me a wider insight of health care system, views of other countries.”

General Manager, Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon, Lebanon
“It’s quite interesting, to realize how in different countries each health system functions differently. However, many experiences are common and can be applicable to various hospitals with few changes.”