Zentity is a fintech headquartered in Czech Republic, with offices in Slovakia, Hungary, and the USA, focussing on delivering digital channels. In over ten years of experience in digital technologies, based on their products, Zentity’s team delivered more than 110 solutions to companies working across Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. Zentity was recognized by Gartner as a globally emerging vendor for Open Banking platforms since 2016.

Zentity’s Digital Banking platform enables banks to deploy digital channels fastest in the market and easily connect any digital channel to their existing core business systems. Beyond Banking ready – The platform allows banks to connect third party solutions to their digital channels and marketplaces in a fast, secure and cost efficient way, thus providing their clients with a unified experience. Zentity also offers a wide suite of products enabling customers to keep their digital channels attractive and cost efficient such as Integrated Loyalty, Push Server and more.