The Dutch Insurance Exchange Association (VNAB) is the trade organization for the corporate insurance market. Our members provide insurance solutions combined with risk management consultancy for extensive and complex industry exposures. VNAB serves the interests of the market place by facilitating the market by means of an efficient electronic insurance exchange system, by promoting the development and transfer of knowledge, by addressing social and commercial issues that are of relevance to the sector, and by pursuing an active policy on the sector’s reputation.

The trade platform (e-ABS) enables VNAB members to serve their clients in the best possible way on placement, claims and financial processing (clearing). It facilitates extensive transactions between insurers, brokers and loss adjusting agencies in the corporate insurance market.

Events and other activities
VNAB aims to play an important part in the field of knowledge development and assurance and regularly organizes market activities to inform VNAB members of trends and for them to gain in-depth knowledge on specific topics. Members are also extended a warm welcome on the VNAB events, among which the yearly Black Tie dinner (Marktdiner) and the New Year’s reception. Both events can be placed within the context of ‘meeting and connecting’ with one another, one of the strategic lines of the VNAB. Members are also regularly informed about market trends and in-depth insurance knowledge through the VNAB magazine Visie that is published twice yearly.