VivaDrive is an independent, driver-centric telematics platform that incentivizes drivers to drive smarter, safer, and more efficiently.

VivaDrive suite includes solutions for drivers (app, OBD-II & driving dashboards) and for businesses (engagement & connected fleet dashboards).

VivaDrive helps understand customers’ driving behaviour thanks to VivaDrive’s robust driving profiling algorithms built by our own world-class experts in computer sciences, Big Data, actuarial sciences, transportation and mobility, and traffic psychology. VivaDrive also generates private and personalized feedback to immediately improve driving and is tailored to specific driver groups like young people, seniors or employees.

VivaDrive’s gamified platform engages and informs drivers by harvesting driving style data and generating real time feedback while protecting their privacy. Drivers can count on data access, control and privacy with VivaDrive and at the same time benefit from their VivaDrive profiles.

If you are building a new usage-based insurance product (UBI) or designing a new prevention program for drivers, count on community-driven VivaDrive. Our platform assures rapid deployment of cost-efficient, competitive, innovative and successful insurance programs.

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