Titio & Scriptura


In today’s digital age, we are always online and connected – even when we are on the go. Communications should reflect that. The widespread use of social media to praise or criticize is as influential on company branding as a company’s marketing campaigns. More and more organizations are taking the outside-in approach to communications by making customer experience a priority. Advances in computers and devices such as wearable tech will make communications faster. As a result, customers will receive contextually appropriate messages at exactly the right time. As digital databases grow in size and become more important to business, the need for marketing managers to look for new channels to reach prospects is greater than ever.

It is essential for businesses to use innovative thinking and take a more connected and integrated approach that empowers business users, improving agility and communications speed with their customers.

Scriptura Engage is a flexible, easy to use solution that recognizes the importance of creating and keeping real connections with every customer while protecting their privacy, a solution that saves time and money by empowering business users and one that removes the burden of dealing with complex technical issues through managed services – we handle the technical side, allowing you to concentrate on your messaging. It is a solution from an organization that is passionate, authentic, and forward-thinking – a company that is “big enough to cope, but small enough to care”. For more info on Scriptura Engage please visit www.scripturaengage.com

Together with our European partner Titio we can provide you with the right best of breed solution instead of a one size fits all platform. Based in Czech republic-Prague, Titio provides CCM, CMS, E-Commerce and Online marketing platform solutions to their customers in Europe for many years. Our customers expect an end-to-end delivery from us – a solution to create and deliver both Service and Marketing communications towards their customers via all possible channels. We can clearly see the impact we can make on the Customer Experience by providing a modern Communication Platform for both Service and Marketing communications. For more info on Titio please visit www.titio.eu