Targa Telematics



Targa Telematics boasts over twenty-years of experience in the IoT industry, offering innovative smart mobility solutions for the benefit of people, businesses and the environment. Leveraging the interaction between connected vehicles, drivers and public and private mobility operators, the company’s technologies ensure cost savings, improve driver safety and reduce CO₂ emissions.

Targa Telematics is a leader in digital platforms and in applications for short and long-term renters, financing companies and large fleets, with services ranging from insurance telematics to fleet management, diagnostics and remote telemetry of private, professional and construction vehicles, through to the management of airport vehicles.

With its IoT technology applied to connected vehicles and based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data, the company generates value for its partners by improving operating processes, creating new services and enabling new business models.

Targa Telematics supports clients by co-creating their specific smart mobility solutions through an agile approach as quickly, efficiently and reliably as possible, by providing them with a wide choice of software modules and microservices, as well as strategic advice on how to orchestrate them, enabling and speeding up their journey towards digital transformation.

The Targa Telematics IoT suite is specifically designed to meet the needs of its partners and end users.

For more information, visit: https://www.targatelematics.com/en