sQuid is a forward-thinking FinTech that builds enterprise and consumer technologies for microfinance, remittance, humanitarian programmes and education – enabling digital transformation for clients, and improved experiences for end-users.

sQuid works in partnership with microfinance institutions to digitally optimise their service, helping them move away from manual, paper-based processes. sQuid provides an end-to-end process or can be used in modules to address different parts of an existing business model.

In Kenya, sQuid operates its own microfinance service through its iMlango programme, integrating microfinance in the education-focused initiative, which supports marginalised communities. This real-world experience helps us to deliver pragmatic digital solutions.

Headquartered in the UK, sQuid has operational bases in Nairobi, Yangon and Abuja, where it helps clients improve efficiency, minimise business risk and reduce costs.  

For more information visit: https://www.squidcard.com/microfinance