NERA Economic Consulting is a global firm of experts dedicated to applying economic, finance, and quantitative principles to complex business and legal challenges. For over half a century, NERA’s economists have been creating strategies, studies, reports, expert testimony, and policy recommendations for government authorities and the world’s leading law firms and corporations. We bring academic rigor, objectivity, and real world industry experience to bear on issues arising from transfer pricing, competition, and finance.

Our Global Transfer Pricing Practice offers a full range of transfer pricing services, independent advice, and valuation support by world-class economists. Our direct, hands-on approach to transfer pricing enables us to develop higher quality products, and to collaborate more effectively with our clients. All 100 of the American Lawyer Global 100 largest law firms from around the world have engaged us to create valuable and sustainable solutions for their multinational corporate clients and as experts in litigation and arbitration. Clients range from some of the largest and best known companies in the world to midsize companies, and include 96 of the Fortune 100 largest corporations.

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