Musoni is the leading digitalisation partner for microfinance institutions across the globe, helping MFIs to leverage the latest technology and digitalise their operations. By using Musoni, microfinance institutions are better able to improve efficiency, reduce costs and grow their client numbers while maintaining a strong portfolio quality. Musoni is used by 70 visionary financial institutions across 18 different countries and four continents.

Musoni has consistently proven their ability to help MFIs to digitalise in under 12 months. Their approach is hands-on and they benefit from an excellent understanding of microfinance operations and first-hand experience of how best to introduce new technology into microfinance institutions.

To make the system accessible to as many MFIs as possible, the Musoni System is licensed using a SAAS pricing model, charging annual, rather than upfront fees; the size of the annual fee is based on the size of the MFI licensing the system.

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