ENNO Studio

ENNO studio – designing engaging digital experiences

ENNO studio is a design consultancy specialising in user experience, innovation and branding. Our Berlin-based team deal in the optimisation of UX, UI and journeys applying our expertise with a user-centred approach.

We are strategically minded creative consultants with extensive design backgrounds. Collaborating with big firms to startups, we share and connect our knowledge with the latest trends to deliver seamless, customised digital solutions. And we immerse ourselves with clients to guide them to sustainable change using our unique methodology built on rapid prototyping and design thinking.

French-German entrepreneur and designer, Guillaume, is the founder and creative director of ENNO. Creating his first company at 21, he began his career within the startup community riding the rollercoaster of funding, exits and innovation. After gaining experience as the creative lead for his previous ventures, Guillaume now focuses on his passion for beautiful, functional design and engaging digital experiences at ENNO.