Doctor Care Anywhere


With over 2,000 corporate clients and 2.3 million patients on the platform – Doctor Care Anywhere is a doctor-founded digital healthcare company – leading the way in personalised clinical care.
From fast and convenient GP appointments to medical support overseas, we help some of the world’s biggest businesses support the health and wellbeing of their employees and customers. We’ve married together primary and secondary patient care into one easy-to-use digital service. No matter where they are in the world, patients get 24/7 GP appointments and specialist referrals that fit into their lives.
Our service gives patients greater control of their healthcare. For businesses, this means increased productivity and decreased absenteeism – resulting in a healthier, happier workforce.
With the launch of our dedicated mental health services in 2021, we’re constantly innovating by offering new ways for businesses and insurers to care for their employees and customers.
We look after the patient so businesses can look after their workforce.