Central Asian and Caucasus Microfinance Forum

04 Oct


9th Annual Central Asian and Caucasus Microfinance Forum was organized in Tbilisi on 3-4th of October 2019 by Uniglobal. The event highlighted recent regulatory developments and challenges, risk management solutions and digital trends for MFIs.

Thanks to our speakers and delegates who were represented by MFIs, Investors, Bankers and Software providers. Professionals made the conference highly interactive and created warm and welcoming atmosphere. The participants took active part in Q&A sessions, workshops, panel discussions and strategic interactive lunch. On the second day during the lunch break moderators discussed 7 different topics such as “How to pitch investors?”, “How the end-borrowers can manage the currency mismatch” and “Accessing Finance –Entry Point”.

We would like to sincerely thank all our speakers for sharing their unique perspectives and impressive experience in their presentations! Also would like to thank all our forum attendees, for being so active and making the event highly interactive! As well we would like to thank our chairwomen Zinaida Vasilenko and Debbie Watkins who supported the event and made a great contribution to the success of the conference by offering valuable insights and encouraging the discussions!

We look forward to welcoming you at our 10th Annual Central Asian and Caucasus Forum next year!


“I was happy to see that Uniglobal managed to attract Banks to the event. The discussions were very informative!
— Regional Manager of Central Asia, Caucasus and Russia, MicroFinanza Rating, Kyrgyz Republic

“Amazing organization! Very interesting!”
— Manager,OAO, Kyrgyz Republic

Photo gallery from the conference: