08 Jun


The 3rd edition of Uniglobal’s European Compensation & Benefits Forum was held in Amsterdam, on 8th & 9th of June. This highly successful event gathered together top internationally recognized industry leaders who had a chance to connect, network and gather information.Over the 2 days, the keynote presenters covered the most trending topics on managing multi-generational workforce such as transforming global compensation and rewards using technology, change of organisations and impact on total rewards, C&B benchmarking, impact of mergers & acquisitions on the role of C&B professional and many other.

The conference was lead by 2 excellent Chairmen (Peter Newhouse from Unilever and Doris Jeckle-Upton from ConvaTec Group), who gave valuable input on each day, creating a very interactive atmosphere where participants took active part and discussed the pressing topics in compensation & benefits.

Uniglobal Team would like to thank all the participants for their involvement in this conference. Our special thanks go to our fantastic speakers for their in-depth presentations, and our Chairmen for their support and commitment.

We hope to see you all soon!


 UniCredit, Austria
“Interesting; different than financial industry conferences”

 Johnson Controls, Belgium
“I was very impressed by the presenters and the overall administration of the event. It was very useful for me.”

 Nike, The Netherlands
“I really enjoyed the fact that there was a good representation of different companies (size wise or field). Also, I really liked the presentations that would give concrete examples, case study.”

Danfoss, Denmark
“1. Good presenters, interesting topics
2. Interactive sessions + networking was extremely useful
3. Nice, that we were “allowed” to use extra time in the interactive panel discussion, where we were touching essential HR issues/values.”

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