26-27 October 2021

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With a growing number of Fintech platforms and increased digitalization infiltrating the microfinance industry, the pressure to adapt and implement these technologies in order to stay competitive and innovative puts MFIs to the test. While some microfinance industries excel at digitalization, others struggle to keep up. Part of the challenge of technological transformation is the widespread skepticism of leaving behind traditional operations to adopt more digital ways of working. How well the industry has adapted to these changes and challenges varies from region to region and opens a multitude of possibilities to learn and start shifting from the basics to more complex areas of digitalization. 

Changing social expectations, like increased gender equality, and unprecedented external factors, like the outbreak of COVID-19, have major influences on the operational success of MFIs around the APAC region and have become common points of concern. This conference will be a platform for experts and industry professionals operating within microfinance to convene, network, and share knowledge and experiences. The common themes and topics of discussion will include the difficulties of digitalization and key trends for microfinance industry-players, challenging traditional working systems and innovating, and becoming more agile to changing external factors.

12-13 October 2021

Day 1
• Addressing One of the Great Pitfalls of Microfinance: Over-Indebtedness
• Building Resilience to the Influences of Changing External Factors
• PANEL DISCUSSION: COVID-19 and Microfinance – Impacts and Adjustments in the Asia-Pacific Region
• Addressing the Gender Financing Gap
• Tablet Banking: Looking Beyond the Basics
• WORKSHOP: Finetuning Digitalization – Tools for Creating an Integrated Strategy for MFIs
• Digital Competition: Surviving and Innovating
• Digital Lending: Adapting to a New Lending Mode
Day 1
Day 2
• DFS Innovations Extending Financial Inclusion
• Mobile Wallets
• PANEL DISCUSSION: Similar Economies, Varied Levels of Financial Inclusion
• Leaving Behind Traditional Risk Assessment Models
• Catering to Customers Unprepared for Technological Transformation
• Exploring Alternative Sources of Capital
• A Detour: P2P Lending
• Resources Per Developmental Stage
• Looking Beyond Capital Funding
Day 2



Dr. Abhishek Agrawal

Chief Regional Officer – Asia

Accion, India


Ulla-Maija Rantapuska

Investment Manager

Finnfund, Finland


Natalie de Wit-Solounov

Director Financial Institutions Europe/Asia

DEG, Germany


Athivadee Panuvatvanich

International Division

adorsys, Germany


Maria Perdomo

Regional Manager for Asia, Inclusive Digital Economies and Regional Coordinator for Asia, UNCDF

UN Capital Development Fund, Thailand


Suma Swaminathan

Vice President

Developing World Markets- DWM, USA


Swapnil Neeraj

Principal Investment Officer – Microfinance Lead

International Finance Corporation, Singapore


Quentin Vanoekel

Co-Founder, Chief Investment and Financial Officer

Helicap, Singapore


Christian Ruehmer

Chief Investment Officer

Bamboo Capital Partners, USA


David Z Wang

CEO, Co-founder

Helicap Pte Ltd, Singapore


Drew Johnson

DFS Consultant

ModusBox, Thailand

Lesley-Ann Vaughan

Lesley-Ann Vaughan

Emerging Markets Financial Services Transformation, Innovation & Risk Management

Mojaloop Foundation, UK

Pranav Kumar

Director, Investments

LeapFrog Investments, Singapore


Wasim Tahir

Sector Strategist, Financial Services Group

CDC Group, UK

Sung Su KIM

Financial Sector Specialist

Asian Development Bank, Philippines


Yevheniia Zakharova

International Business Development Officer

VSoft SA, Poland


Sahil Gandhi

Investment Manager

CDC Group, UK


Christian Berecz

Head of Business Development

SEON, Hungary


Aleksandr Eryomin


Mikro Kapital, Luxembourg


Adysti Raissa Fitri

Senior Investment Officer Originations – South and Southeast Asia

BlueOrchard Finance, Singapore


Daniel van Maanen

CFO & Senior Investment Manager

Lendahand, The Netherlands

Nethra Bhat

Nethra Bhat

Senior Investment Officer

Accion, India

Adriaan Schiphorst

Adriaan Schiphorst

Data & Investments

Lendahand, The Netherlands

John Fischer

John Fischer

Chief Investment Officer

Accion, USA

Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore

Economic Growth Team Leader, Private Sector Engagement Advisor

USAID, Thailand

Andi Taufan Garuda Putra

Andi Taufan Garuda Putra

Founder & CEO

PT. Amartha Mikro Fintek, Indonesia



2nd Asia Pacific Microfinance Forum


“It was indeed a great event and was well attended /participated by relevant entities across the Asia Pacific. Look forward to participation next year,
— Svatantra microfin Pvt. Ltd., India 

“This was a very productive one and had a lot of experience,”
— Commercial Leasing & Finance, Sri Lanka

“Extremely professional arrangements and organization. Really appreciate the experience,”
— Amret, Cambodia

Why Should Experts Attend Our Event?

  • Unlock unparalleled opportunities for your business
  • Connect with the decision makers, investors, and senior-level executives
  • Gain the key insights into how to adapt to the most dynamic microfinancing environment
  • Help shape future trends in the financial inclusion industry


Heads, Directors, Officers, Leads, Vice-Presidents, and Managers working in investment, microfinance, and solution-providing companies are welcome to join the event 2020, including:

  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Chief Transformation Officers
  • Insurance & Operations (for Hospitals)
  • Assistance Companies – Healthcare Providers and Third Party Administrators
  • Managed Care Service Providers
  • IT Software Solutions Providers
  • Associations
  • Hospitals
  • Claims Specialists
  • Technology Experts & Solutions Providers
  • Start-ups
  • Innovation labs (usually under big insurance and re-insurance companies)

Where and When?

26-27 October 2021

Virtual Event

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26-27 October 2021, Virtual Event